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Why it works

Wear contamination is the primary reason your components fail.

Casing and drill pipe erosion, natural iron compounds and silica create tiny metal wear particles, less than 10 microns (μm) in size. This contamination is the primary cause of component failure and cannot be captured by traditional filtration methods. CleanMud captures wear particles under 1μm, which accounts for 35% of contamination.

Your components are not protected from wear contamination.

Components in the fluid ends of pumps and drill string don't often have anything to protect them from contaminated drilling fluids. CleanMud magnetic filtration can be easily installed, so that Oil & Gas Operators, Drilling Contractors and Fluid Suppliers can see near-instant returns on their investment.

Component failure is the primary cause of NPT (non-productive time)

Drilling at increased speeds, temperatures and pressures cause more wear contamination. As the volume of wear contamination increases, so does the speed of the component failure. The good news is that we've proven that using CleanMud Magnetic Filtration will increase the lifetime of your components by 52%.